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  Sh.Satya Pal Malik
  Hon'ble Governor, J&K
  Sh. K Vijay Kumar
  Advisor to Hon'ble Governor, J&K
  Mr. Atul Dulloo, IAS
  Principal Secretary, Health & Medical Education Department
  Dr. Samir Mattoo
  Director Health Service, Jammu

 Tender's Notice

  1. Order No. DHSJ/Legal/4401-02 , Dated:- 12.07.2018
  2. Circular No. DHSJ/Gen-Grive.Circular-71/4375-98 / , Dated:- 02.07.2018
  3. Extention Notice No. DHSJ/Pur.Com/ Anti Rabies /2171-74,Dated:- 12.07.2018,& DHSJ/Pur.Com/ Anti Rabies /2175-78,Dated:- 12.07.2018
  4. Circular No. DHSJ/ Es-8/ Gen-Circular-71 / 3903-26, Dated:- 02.07.2018
  5. Short Term Tender Notice No. DHSJ/ Pur.Com/Anti rabies/2106-09, Dated:- 22.06.2018,
  6. Short Term Tender Notice No.DHSJ/ Pur.Com/ Malaria/2110-13, Dated:- 22.06.2018
  7. Extension Notice No. DHSJ / Pur.Com /Medicinal Gas - 2017/1992-95, dated:- 02.02.2018
  8. Extension Notice No. DHSJ / Pur.Com /Medicinal Gas - 2017/1992-95, dated:- 02.02.2018
  9. Extension Notice No. DHSJ/Pur.Com /Medical Gas - 2017 / 1828-31.
  10. Extension Notice No. DHSJ/Pur.Com /Gen. Items - 1944-47 Dated:18-12-2017.
  11. Extension Notice No. DHSJ/Pur.Com /Swine Flu - 2017 / 1922-24 dated:- 04.12.2017.
  12. Extension Notice No's. DHSJ / Pur.Com / Medicinal Gas -2017 / 1905-08 dated:- 21.11.2017
  13. Extension Notice No's. DHSJ / Pur.Com / Medicinal Gas- 2017/1883-86 and DHSJ/ Pur.Com / Swine Flu -2017 / 1887-89 dated:- 08.11.2017
  14. Extension Notice DHSJ / / Swine Flu -2017 / 1852-54 dated. 24.10.2017 and DHSJ / Pur.Com / Medicinal Gas-2017 / 855-57 dated:- 24.10.2017
  15. Circular Regarding DHSJ/GS/8647-62
  16. Extension Notice No. DHSJ / / Medicinal Gas-2017 / 1845-47 dated:- 09.10.2017.
  17. Circular regarding sale of Tranquilizer Drugs without prescriptions in Jammu Division
  18. Short Term Tender Notice and Terms & Conditions for supply of Logistics for Influnza HINI.+-
  19. Seoled tenders for Two bid system (i) Technicol Bid (ii) Finonciol Bid
  20. Auction Notice For The Following Unserviceable Articles
  21. Advertisement regarding the recruitment of the contractual staff for implementation of the National NCD Targets
  22. Short Term Tender Purchase
  23. Abridged Tender Notice No:05 for Supply of Tyres, Tubes and Flaps
  24. Tender Notice for supply of Lubricants



Directorate of Health Services Jammu aims to provide preventive, promotive & Curative Services in all the health institutions within the ambit of Jammu division. In Jammu division the health department is headed by the Director Health Services Jammu. The division comprises ten districts. Each district is headed by a Chief Medical Officer. The Chief Medical officers work under the direct administrative control of Director Health Services Jammu. Each district is further divided into various health blocks headed by the Block Medical officers who work under the immediate administrative control of Chief Medical officers .The Block Medical Officers are the supervising and monitoring heads of their respective Health blocks. Readmore

  Health Activities


  1. Conduct of elections
  2. Public Notice regarding Private Clinical Facilities.
  3. Ensuring of proper office timing for women government employee.
  4. The Jammu and Kashmir Nursing Homes and Clinical Establishments ( Registation and Licensing ) Act, 1963.
  5. J&K Nursing homes and Clinical Establishment, ( Registration and Licensing ) Act, 1963
  6. Release of funds for schemes sanctioned by NABARD under Health sector.
  7. Capex Budget 2018-19 authorization for release of funds.
  8. List of Public Inforamtion Officers and Assistant Public Information Officers of Jammu Division.
  9. Interview Notice Regarding DHSJ / Sch / NPCB&VI / 30-31, dated:- 17.04.2018
  10. Selection notice of contractual staff under NPHCE/NPCDCS(Physiotherapist)
  11. Circular reg. strict vigil on the sale of tranquilizer drugs without medical prescriptions in Jammu Division
  12. Nationwise Sanitation Campaign "Swacchata hi Sewa" 2-10-2017(Jammu District)
  13. Order Regarding Engagement Of Finance Cum Logistic Consultant At Divisional NCD Cell Jammu
  14. Interview notice physiotherapist under NPHCE/NPCDCS
  15. Interview Notice for finance Cum logistic Consultant Under ncd
  16. First Rank in Reduction of IMR conferred to J&K State in Indore M.P
  17. Time Schedule for completion of the admission process for the first MBBS Session 2017-18
  18. Notification for hiring of contractual staff under National Programme for Prevention & Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases & Stroke
  19. Constitution of Internal Complaint Committee under sexual harassment of women at workplace (prevention. prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013
  20. Notification for hiring of Contractual Staff under Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme.
  21. Publication of Notification for hiring of Contractual Staff under NPCB
  22. Notification for Hiring Contractual Staff under National Programme for Health Care of Elderly (NPHCE) & National Programme for Prevention of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke(NPCDCS)
  23. Tentative Seniority list of pharmacists 2017

  24. Circular regarding uploading of Duty Roaster and OPD timing on the Website

  25. Circular regarding Establishment Of Clinics

  26. Norms for Nursing Homes
    JKMSC renders the following services :

    Procurement, and distribution of human drugs, medicines, Surgicals & Sutures, kits, reagents to the Government Medical Institutions of the State. Procurement, testing storage and distribution of Veterinary drugs, medicines, Surgicals & Sutures to the government Veterinary medical institutions of the State. Procurement and installation of medical equipments to the Government Medical Institutions of the State. Procurement and installation of medical equipments, instruments to the Government Veterinary institutions of the State. Finalization of Annual Rate Contract for Specialty Drugs and Medicines for direct procurement by the Medical Institutions in the State. Finalization of rate contract every two years for various frequently used surgical appliances, Instruments for direct procurement by the medical institutions in the State. Operating CT Scan centers, MRI Centers, Lithotripsy Centers in the Medical Institutions of the State on user charge collection basis. Providing support services for maintenance of medical and non medical equipments in the Medical Institution in the State. Read More-->>


Health Institutions